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Here is your chance to have the kitchen you always dreamed about. No clutter, enough work space, cabinets galore. Enter for your chance to win a dream kitchen remake.


Value: $250,000

Entry: Enter Free Daily

Expires: 01-31-2012

Added: 02-24-2010

Sponsor: Hearst Communication

Type: Sweepstakes | Rules

Category: Home and Garden



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  • 12 Years ago @Soular fla...

    I'll throw my name into the hat however a person has a better chance at winning the lottery then one of the " CREATIVE PRESENTATIONS". If you're new to sweeping you should research this term which you will encounter often with Magazines but it can be...

  • 12 Years ago @

    Magizine sweeps are the Bigest ones to watch out for when you enter. 80% of the time you will get a bill in the mail. Car and driver, Better Homes and Garden, just to name a few.

  • 12 Years ago @admin

    Received an error report that the sweepstakes form would not accept a Canadian Province. According to the sponsor's official rules - this is a U.S. only sweepstakes. Contact them directly if you have questions.

  • 12 Years ago @dogcatcher

    just pay attention people. i got caught a few times,then if you enter enough you remember which ones watch out for.

  • 13 Years ago @balboaboy

    why is it now impossible to enter these sweepstakes with the new webpage? There is no enter area to click onto. Why didn't they just leave the old website? Why upgrade it to a webpage that does not work?

  • 13 Years ago @eaglet11

    I have contacted several sweeps promoters about the statement about automated entries, and they have all told me that as long as you manually click the "enter" or "submit", your entry is fine with autofil

  • 13 Years ago @privatel

    When you click no on the boxes it is not considered automated. They are referring to services that are automated. They auto generate the information for you. People pay for the service.

  • 13 Years ago @Misskaoz

    I hope people actrually read the rules 99 percent of the sweepstakes on this page and I mean all of them state specifically in rules that any automated entry is disqualifie

  • 13 Years ago @nike1234

    I hope someone wins this thing since we've put so much time into entering it!!!! LOL

  • 13 Years ago @rosieyposi...

    Oh my GOODNESS!i Cant imagine winning that prizeover here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!everytime it rains it rains"PENNIES from HEAVEN@snip by admin holidaysRosiey

  • 13 Years ago @mjensen381

    I have forgotten to click the "enter without subscribing" link so many times it's ridiculous. One thing I've learned is to try to watch for "subscription confirmation" emails. If you see those, it's usually pretty easy to cancel before they even get ...

  • 13 Years ago @eaglet11

    Don't even need to waste a stamp-create an account with Hearst,cancel online, once online account is registered all of your entries for all of the mags will be auto filled in--BUT-you still must click on the enter without subscribe link

  • 13 Years ago @txzdy

    Listen y'all, When ya' get the first bill for the accicental subsrib just write CANCEL on it and send it back. All you are out is a stamp and some irritation. It works for me.

  • 13 Years ago @matteo56

    the monthly prizes alone is enough to get me to enter

  • 13 Years ago @slellis3

    I think their sweepstake is a scam because you only get bombarded with their magazine issues that you do not request and the sweepstakes is for 2 years!