$250,000 Dream Kitchen (Cash) image


Grand Prize (1): $250,000. First Prize (24): $1,000. Second Prize (24): $100.



Value: $250,000

Entry: Enter Free Daily

Expires: 01-31-2012

Added: 05-06-2010

Sponsor: Hearst Magazines

Type: Sweepstakes | Rules

Category: Cash-Sweepstakes

Publisher: subscribe.hearstmags.com

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  • 12 Years ago @nobrandy1

    ReeRee1, Just write cancel on the invoice when they try to bill you. They can't make you pay for the magazine if you don't want it.

  • 13 Years ago @dogcatcher

    says i've entered already today. as if. something wrong at hearst mags. got the same response at verandah porch. did not enter either.07/05/2011.

  • 13 Years ago @ReeRee1

    bombcat, ignore that idiot gecann. For all he/she knows, you could be accessing the Internet from the library. Good luck to you and your wife. Hard times have hit so many of us.

  • 13 Years ago @gecann

    bombcat maybe if you quit spending money on computers and internet time you would have money for the important things in life

  • 13 Years ago @bombcat154...

    My Wife And I Are On S/S/Disablity With A House 45 years Old. We Hhve 24 Rx Betwen Us.With DR Bills And Hospital Bills,We Have Ben Maried 45 years.With All Our Bills We Canot Do Kitchen,Whith IS Discusting To Try To Cook In,An The Bath Is Very For my...

  • 13 Years ago @gecann

    sorry Ree Ree 1, I got carried away and answered for chrcann

  • 13 Years ago @gecann

    Oh darn. Nobody lets me have any fun. Now I have to get on detrain and take deride. Can I at least take my teddy?

  • 13 Years ago @ReeRee1

    chrcann, you don't have to deride me for warning people. Take it or leave it.

  • 13 Years ago @chrcann

    Does'nt anyone want to help this poor lost soul? Or is she just too far gone to do any good ??

  • 13 Years ago @ReeRee1

    Just a warning: No matter how carefully I clicked to make sure I did not subscribe on all of these Hearst magazine sweepstakes, I am now receiving unwanted issues and have tried unsuccessfully to unsubscribe. When I go to the magazine website to try,...

  • 13 Years ago @coppaget27

    This sweep is mention twice the other is foodie fantasy there the sameone.

  • 13 Years ago @nike1234

    Increase your screen size to 125%, it's easier to see the fine print!!! LOL

  • 14 Years ago @Pauley

    EXPIRES JANUARY 31, 2012

  • 14 Years ago @secretdiva...

    Oh I guess there is an option in tiny letters for a link to submit without subscribing!

  • 14 Years ago @secretdiva...

    Um this thing makes you sign up for a free trial offer to magazine which obviously will cost eventually so why would anyone want to do this contest.