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Home Page

Home Page
Located front and center at the top of the new Win Prizes Online home page, discover the hottest and most popular sweepstakes in our comprehensive inventory. Sort to see the most popular sweeps from the past week, month, or all time!

Account Login & Search Bar
You can easily login with either Facebook or just an email address.
You can also search our website for any sweepstakes in our custom search bar.

Once logged in, you can quickly view your account information, and the sweeps you marked as favorites to come back to later.



Account Settings Page
  • Things you can do here:
  • Report Wins - Everyone loves to hear about the big wins you receive!
  • About You - Spice up your public profile and tell us a little about yourself ?
  • Tips - Check out our Get Started Guide.
  • Photo - Add a photo from our library, or upload a photo of your own to setup your profile pic
  • Edit Details - Edit your Personal Account Information

Community Page
  • Things you can do here:
  • Learn about your fellow users!
  • Click "Posts" and see the latest comments, wins, and more.
  • Comment on the Forum/Bulletin Board. Express yourself!
  • See the "Winners" Page and see the latest and greatest wins.

Directory Page
Want to quickly jump from new sweepstakes to your favorites or the most popular? Want to browse my category and quickly move from Apparel Sweeps to Health & Beauty Sweeps to Travel Sweeps? All of this and more is possible with the new drop-down navigation menu located near the top left of the page content, right above the Power Entry toolbar. We also added a bunch of nifty icons for each category !



View Sweepstakes based on Newest, Ending, Most Popular, Favorite and Category.

Sort Sweeps Feature
With the new sort feature, organize the sweepstakes the following ways:
  • Entry Date - sorts from most recently added to longest listed.
  • Expiration Date - the sooner it ends the higher it's listed.
  • Rating - ranks and displays the sweepstakes based on peer ratings.
  • Most Popular - displays the most-viewed and most-entered sweepstakes at the top.
  • Prize Value - Sorts by value, high to low.

Sort Sweep Feature

Sort By Entry Type

Sort By Entry Type
Do you know how often you can enter sweeps? Some are one-time only, while others are daily, weekly, monthly, or unlimited. With this feature, you can quickly sort through all the sweepstakes to see just the ones that have the entry type you're looking for!

Sort By Status
With this feature, you can sort the sweepstakes to view only the ones you already "Entered" or only the ones that you have not entered: "Enter Now".

Sort By Status

Top Five Check

Top Five Check
Click the "Check" button and quickly check the "Power Entry" box on the top five entries in the list of sweepstakes.

Refreshes the page. Unchecks all Power Entry boxes.



Opens every "checked" entry in a new window. (Note: Only five checked entries allowed at once. To open more about once, please learn more about and sign up for PowerSweeper.)

Add Favorites
Adds checked entries to your favorites list, allowing you to quickly go back and find your most important sweepstakes.


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