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Kathy Wilson

Missouri, USA

Member since: 2012

WPO User Name: oatesfan

About me

I am an abstract artist who recently relocated to the Midwest to a place where I knew absolutely no one.

It was challenging but thrilling to make an 1,800 mile trip alone with 2 dogs and a kitty and I'm happier having taken that big chance. Unfortunately I had to sell my baby... a rough '67 Mustang in order to afford a down payment on my first ever home and the costs of moving are still on my credit cards.

I have severe spine issues which limits me greatly even sitting and standing hurt so I try to focus on doing positive things to help others and to take my mind off the 24/7 pain. In November I was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease that also took the lives of 6 members of my family. So it's even more important now to focus on good things and going onto Winprizesonline gives me a chance to improve my life, and gives me hope & things to look forward to as well. I really love how it's set up and keeps track of my entries because I forget. It's the best sweepstakes / contest site out there in my book.

Now if I could just win a Mustang.... I miss my baby :)!


Art and Animals & cars have always been a passion. I love art and began painting again at age 50 and that painting and another were accepted in an established art gallery in Portland, Oregon. I've created 1,000 or more since then. I often donate them for non-profits to help them raise money. I'd like to start a charity that if someone donates enough for an animal to be spayed/neutered then they get a free painting. There isn't an animal on earth that I wouldn't feed, pet and kiss if given half a chance. I have spent 20 years in rescue, taming feral cats, getting them fixed (spay & neuter is extremely important) and finding homes for them. In 3.5 years I trapped, tamed, had fixed and found homes for 44 cats. Two I ended up keeping as they were just too afraid to trust anyone else. I have #44 with me today and just took in another pregnant stray today. You should see my vet bills and I live on a small Social Security income! Oh, and I should mention I was deathly allergic to cats when I started... but my heart couldn't stand it to not make a difference. I have built up a pretty good immunity to them now unless I'm scratched...then it's an emergency room trip.

I make sure to do one good deed a day at at the very least, taking care of the world as we all should. :)

State: Missouri

DOB (Year): Late over the hill :)

Years in sweepstaking (when did you start): Started in my teens

Prizes Won: Too many to count

Prizes Value: $10, 000

What/who got you in to Sweepstaking

My Mom encouraged me enter contests back when you had to write every single entry and mail it. The hopefulness to get a chance to win something you otherwise couldn't afford still hooks me today.

Prizes you have won

I have won so many things over the years that I simply don't remember it all... from pet supplies, gift cards, beauty items, an Ebay travel kit, even won a trashed Renault car that didn't run. I once won a $100 Home Depot card and asked them if I could get two $50 cards so I could send one to my brother & they complied :) He has since passed on but he was thrilled to receive it. but probably nothing worth over $400...yet!

My first win

This may or may not be correct but I think it was a chocolate microphone from my favorite rock station when I was 16. I sent it anonymously to a guy I had a crush on.

My latest win

a $50 Kohl's Cash to spend online. I chose a handled cart with bucket to help me get groceries into my house and haul thing around in the yard more easily. It's awesome.

Win I will never forget

I dreamt the numbers for a state lottery. Played them and hit all but 1 which was one digit off. Apparently others had the same dream because the prize was $1,800 before taxes.

Largest and smallest wins

As far as contests my largest win was a Bratz slumber party prize worth around $380. It definitely wasn't the prize I was trying for. Sold it on Ebay for $200. Smallest win was a coupon for a free beverage.

Sweepstakes you like the most

Cars, cash. Cash, cars. :) I've never had a new car in my life so I keep hoping to win one. Would also love one that would pay off my 4 credit cards!!! And my house...or for it to be fixed up... it needs a lot. And a 64 1/2-70 Mustang.

Sweepstakes you will not spend time on

The ones that drive me crazy are those that make you follow this page and that page and sign up for 20 of their sponsor's newsletters, and ask for your first born. Avoid those.

Tips for fellow sweepstakers

Do it for FUN, for excitement, for the chance. If you are too serious about it and it robs you of time with your loved ones or upsets you then you need to pull back and prioritize. What you do should bring you joy. Enter daily contests daily if possible, take the extra step and mail in an entry if it calls for it because most people won't. Remember that you have to pay taxes on what you win, so while some prizes are valued at $600 but you wouldn't have paid $50 for it then ask yourself is this something I really want enough to pay taxes on? A win is only a win if you're going to be happy with the end result.

Anything else you would like to share?

I really appreciate all of the hard work, time and energy that goes into Winprizesonline. Can you imagine how challenging that must be to get everything together, put it in order, keep everything updated and send out daily emails? That's a LOT. I'm very grateful for because it brings together all of them and puts it in one neatly organized site for all of us to enjoy.

Suncast Multi purpose cart

One of my latests wins.