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Dawn Curtis

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Member since: 2012

WPO User Name: curtisd1210

About me

I am retired after working for 30+ years in the medical field


Sweepstaking, cake decorating, gardening, sewing and crafts

State: Michigan

DOB (Year): 1952

Years in sweepstaking (when did you start): As a teenager I entered sweepstakes by mail and any local sweepstakes I could find.

Prizes Won: Too many to count

Prizes Value:About $40,000

What/who got you in to Sweepstaking

I got into sweepstaking to get the extras for myself and my family.

Prizes you have won

I have won gift cards or codes (value $5- $500), a kindle (value $200), trip to Alaska for fishing (value $9000), cruise trip on the Great Lakes (value $6000), gift cards to a department store along with a style consultation and closet re-do (value $15,000), a year supply of Coca-Cola, a karaoke machine, and numerous other smaller prizes. Also 2 Fitbits, several cash prizes, cookbooks, a year's supply of laundry detergent, WIii video system

My first win

When I was in high school I entered a contest at the jewelry store when I ordered my class ring and I won! The prize was a place setting of sterling silver in the pattern of my choice.

My latest win

A coupon from the FUD contest

Win I will never forget

The trip to Alaska and the department store win, both mentioned above.

Largest and smallest wins

Biggest win: Department store win mentioned above- value $15,000.

Smallest win: A coupon.

Sweepstakes you like the most


Sweepstakes you will not spend time on

Ones that have multiple steps to enter such as PCH, facebook/twitter/instagram sweepstakes that require you to tag friends

Tips for fellow sweepstakers

Consistency is the key- enter as many times as the contest allows. Set aside a time each day for entering contests. Use multiple sweepstakes sites to find contests to enter. Another tip for fellow sweepers is to set up a separate email account to use just for sweeping

Trip to Alaska

Cruise to Great Lakes